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The purpose of the 3rd ELECTRON.NET report is to present the international trends in the field of electrical technologies, materials, applications and automation, innovative materials and products, for residential and professional installations, led lighting systems as well as specialized safety systems and special categories give us solutions for smart networking in both business and residential areas.


With the full support and presence of both the Association of Electric Contractors of Cyprus (SEMC) and the Association of Contractors of Mechanical and Electrical Works of Cyprus (SEMIEC), the 2nd Scientific Conference of SEMC & SEMIEC will be held simultaneously.


The 3rd International Exhibition ELECTRON.NET will present new technologies that the modern professionals should be informed but also the new trends with new entries in electrotechnics and automation for every use.


Especially the categories of interest are:


  • Manufacturers, Importers and Distributors of Electrical Equipment
  • Stores with electronic and electrical equipment
  • Importers and dealers of lighting, telecommunication and electronic equipment
  • Tools
  • Installers, Electronics and Electricians
  • Production and distribution companies and electricity
  • Engineers, Architects, Manufacturers
  • Industries
  • Construction companies
  • Contractors and engineers
  • Architects, designers, designers, decorators
  • Executives of contractors
  • Authentication systems
  • Security and Control Systems
  • Professionals of Trading and Installation of Security Systems respectively stores and computer shops
  • Company executives IT
  • Audio-video engineers
  • Multimedia professionals
  • Executives and Executives of Private Sector Operations and Public Organizations
  • Executives of Private Security Companies (IEPYA)
  • Business Security Staff
  • Security Corps Executives
  • Hotel staff executives
  • Technical installers of TV systems
  • Commercial shops
  • Stores, Resellers
  • Facilities managers (Hotels, Shopping Centers, Entertainment Centers, Sports Centers, Banks, Insurance Companies, etc.)
  • Software
  • Radio – Television stations
  • Advertising Agencies
  • Executives of public organizations and local authorities
  • Trade unions (federations and trade unions)
  • Scientists, Researchers, Academicians and Journalists
  • Educational institutions
  • All professionals from every corner of the country who cover products or services with specific sectors as well as simple household users and the general public.


Dynamic Advertising campaign for professionals and public !

The ELECTRON.NET exhibition will be featured in the digital TV and Security Report magazines, as well as banner ads on relevant web sites.



Radio Spots in high-bandwidth zones,
to the best radio stations of the country.



TV Spots in high-bandwidth zones to the most famous TV Stations of the country. 



Placing banner in central points.



Bulk SMS to the professional of the field.



E-Newsletter every 20 days to the professional of the field.


E-Invitation Cards

E-Invitation Cards are sent to the professional of the field.



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